Germany taps firefighter Zummer to replace legendary Matthäus to take over from Flick


German legend Lothar Matthäus (62) has recommended Matthias Zummer (56) to replace Hanji Flick (58).

"Germany legend Lothar Matthäus has rejected the job of Hannes Flick and recommended Matthias Zummer as his successor," Sky Sports Germany reported on Tuesday (June 10).

Germany lost 1-4 in a friendly match against Japan at 3:45 a.m. on Tuesday. The team suffered an even more humiliating defeat at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, losing 1-2 to Japan in the group stage.

It wasn't just against Japan that the German national team struggled. The Germans were also at their worst during the A-match in June. They drew with Ukraine and lost to Poland-Colombia. If you include the Belgium game in March and today's game against Japan, the team has one draw and four losses in five official matches.

As a result, Hanji Flick's job is very much in jeopardy. Flick was already rumored to be on the hot seat before the game against Japan, but the loss has made it very likely that he will be forced to step down. The media and public opinion have already turned against Flick.

Several names have been thrown around as possible successors to Flick, but one of them, Mateusz, has refused to take the job. "I've been away from coaching for a long time. My plans are completely different. The position will be unconditionally different from what I envision," he said.

"I've known Matthias for a long time, I was with him in his first international game, and I've been following his career since 스포츠토토 then," he said, "He's an aggressive person. That's something we don't have at the moment and he will help the team a lot."

Zummer is currently a member of the task force to save German soccer and a technical advisor to Borussia Dortmund. Mateusz claimed that he would appoint Zummer as firebrand until next year's UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany, after which he could appoint Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, 58.


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