Arnis is primarily defensive, encompassing hand-to-hand combat, grappling and disarming techniques. However, the fighting style also includes the use of bladed weapons and sticks, in addition to improvised weapons. A baton-like cane is the primary melee tool employed and the weapon used in officiated arnis competitions.

Grandmaster Porfirio S. Lanada also known as Proferio Lanada, is one of the Philippines’ Internationally recognized Arnis Grandmasters. This 66-year old martial arts veteran is a part of the 1988 Martial Arts Hall of Fame, in Cleaveland Ohio and from the World Head of Family Sokeship Council he has received other awards namely, Arnis Legend and Arnis Pioneer. He is the founder of Arnis Lanada, a world 토토 recognized style of Filipino stick-fighting.

Hid old student Amante Marinas published a book in the US entitled ARNIS LANADA, and this was the first book ever published about Arnis in the USA. Generously illustrated with very useful and exact "how-tos" for the Filipino combat fighting stick enthusiast. This series on Arnis Lanada will illustrate the styles basic strikes, defenses, disarming techniques and some practical self defense moves. The Lanada Style consists of long range and close-quarter combat techniques using two sticks, one stick, knives as well as the empty hand.

Grandmaster Lanada no longer teaches Arnis but he has successfully passed on his legacy to two of his sons, Jun and Boying Lanada and students Master Chian Ong, Master Marlon Miranda and Master Bert Bergado and in the US, the association is represented by Halford Jones of New Hampshire, and Russell Carter of New York. Truly the Arnis can be used to practice and make us learn self control and disciple. It also gives us ability to think fast and make our body stronger as we will move a lot. Read more...


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